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About Cancer Rehab

Treatments for cancer typically include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and endocrine therapies. The effects of these treatments commonly cause many patients to develop unwanted side effects leading to significant negative impacts on quality of life. Treatment effects may lead to physical impairments including pain, fatigue, lymphedema, weakness, restricted range of motion, joint pain, and osteoporosis. Treatment is also known to adversely affect physical function, body weight and cardiovascular health. These impairments may adversely affect a persons participation in activities of daily living and employment and negatively affect healthy lifestyle behaviors such as regular exercise.

Impairments that may be relatively easily addressed by rehabilitation interventions if detected early can become very difficult to treat if they have progressed over weeks, months or years.

Many recent studies show that rehabilitation improves pain, function, and quality of life in cancer survivors and can lessen physical and mental impairments at every stage of treatment.

PINC or STEEL cancer rehab physio's wlll assess each person individually on the impact of their surgery and/ or treatments and the functional limitations these may have caused.

The physiotherapists will help to educate each person on the prevention and early detection of common treatment-related impairments as well as education about exercise and health promoting behaviours.

An individualised exercise program can be prescribed for independent exercise and supervised exercises throughout the course of cancer treatment, aimed at improving function and preventing impairments related to treatment.