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Cancer Rehabilitation Trust

Cured but at what cost?

The numbers of people getting diagnosed with cancer are increasing. These numbers are expected to double over the next 20 years. Many more people are also expected to survive cancer by 2020.

 While it is clearly good news that more people are surviving cancer, progress can be a double-edged sword.

Cured– but at what cost?

There is another vital aspect of the changing cancer story.

The majority of those living with cancer will face poor health or have some physical or emotional problem after cancer treatment.

Revealing the scale of the problem also shows people experiencing these issues that they are not alone and we hope will encourage them to seek information and support. The current low profile of long-term consequences of cancer and its treatment means some of those affected are reluctant to report them, particularly if they feel grateful to be free of cancer.

It is good that we are curing more people of cancer. But we have to recognise ‘not dying’ is not the same as ‘being well’.

No one should face the often severe long-term effects of cancer alone.