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Cancer Rehabilitation Trust

Why exercise?

"Cancer patients would be shocked if they knew just how much of a benefit physical activity could have on their recovery and long term health, in some cases reducing the chances of having to go through the grueling ordeal of treatment all over again." 
Prof Rod MacLeod, Senior Staff Specialist Hammond Care 

Research shows that remaining physically active is a very important component in your recovery from cancer and the effects of its treatment. 

A large body of work exists showing the positive effects of exercise and physical activity in cancer survivors, in terms of reducing side effects of the disease process, and improving a patient’s functional ability and quality of life, regardless of the stage of the cancer. 

The surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause extreme de-conditioning and fatigue and exercise helps to correct both of these debilitating problems.

There is also evidence that exercise may have an impact on survivorship rates and cancer recurrence.