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Our cancer rehabilitation programs

The PINC & STEEL cancer rehabilitation programs provide a full range of services designed to look after women and men recovering from cancer surgery or cancer treatments.

Our certified PINC or STEEL Physiotherapist will assess each patient individually for physical impairments and affects of their treatment. They then work with each patient to create a rehabilitation program to suit their stage in recovery.

Our Physiotherapists will help guide, support and encourage you through each phase of your treatment and recovery. They will teach you what you can do to get stronger again and help you understand why your body is reacting to the treatments in certain ways. They will provide information to help you feel more in control of your body and life again.

The PINC & STEEL individual rehabilitation programs are chronologically formatted into 4 phases. Timing of each phase is dependent upon your physical condition, the length of the healing process, the type of surgery involved, and the courses of adjuvant treatments. 

• Pre Op Phase – Designed to prepare you for your upcoming cancer surgery

• Post op phase - Designed to assist in the healing process of clients who are recently post surgery or undergoing treatments. To restore strength and flexibility to particular joints and muscle groups that have become weak and inflexible as a result of surgery. It incorporates breathing techniques and gentle exercises modified to maximise recovery from surgery

• Recovery phase - Designed to help improve energy levels and general well being during cancer treatments. It aims to help clients manage fatigue, restore post op flexibility and strength. In addition to focusing on stretching and strengthening exercises for the upper body, it contains workouts for the lower extremities, abdominal strengthening and spinal stability

• Fitness phase - Designed to facilitate overall conditioning and to increase physical stamina. Aims to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility to increase endurance, elevate the metabolism, improve muscle tone and body composition. It contains workouts for the upper and lower extremities, abdominal strengthening and spinal stability. Designed to motivate and encourage good exercise habits for life.

Our Next Steps and PaddleOn programs are group programs specially designed for people who have finished their main cancer treatment and want to take the next steps on their road to recovery.

 We recommend you see a PINC or STEEL Physiotherapist first to assess your suitability for these programs.

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