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PINC & STEEL is more than just helping people after cancer, it is about giving hope, strength and courage.


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PINC & STEEL is more than just helping people after cancer, it is about giving hope, strength and courage.



The PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Program is dedicated to improving the strength, quality of life and sense of wellbeing of women diagnosed with cancer. 


It is specifically designed to help

maximise recovery, regain physical and emotional strength, improve body confidence and control.

The Program is delivered by certified PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapists and provides a full range of services designed to care, support and guide women through every stage of their treatment and recovery.

Our services include plus
  • Manual physiotherapy
  • Physical and functional assessments
  • Individualised Clinical Pilates
  • Fatigue management
  • Resistance training
  • Exercise prescription
The PINC Program aims to help you plus
  • Optimise physical and functional recovery
  • Ease pain and muscular tension
  • Regain strength and mobility
  • Increase energy levels and improve breathing
  • Strengthen core muscles and improve posture
  • Improve physical functioning and maintain independence
  • Reclaim body confidence and control
  • Reduce treatment related side effects and
  • Shift focus from illness to wellness
Phases of recovery plus

The PINC rehabilitation program is chronologically formatted into 4 phases.   The timing of each phase is dependent upon the persons’s physical condition, the length of the healing process, the type of surgery involved and the courses of adjuvant treatments. 

  • Pre Op Phase – is designed to help patients before their cancer surgery.  It involves a pre-op assessment and education to identify any factors that may affect recovery from surgery and return to work.  A pre-op rehab plan will be devised for each individual which will include specific exercises to strength muscles and improve stamina ; education and functional guidance.

  • Post Op Phase – designed to assist in the healing process of patients who are recently post surgery. It aims to restore strength and flexibility to particular joints and muscle groups that have become weak and inflexible as a result of surgery.  Includes manual physiotherapy and gentle modified exercises to maximise recovery from surgery, education and functional guidance for home and work. 

  • Adjuvant Cancer Treatment Phase – designed to improve energy levels and maintain health during cancer treatments to reduce the impact on physical functioning and overall conditioning.  It aims to help patients manage fatigue, flexibility, strength and stamina  to reduce time off work, muscle wasting and functional impairment.  In addition to focusing on stretching and strengthening exercises for the upper and lower extremities, it contains workouts to improve abdominal strength and spinal stability; education about fatigue management, home and work based modifications and cardiovascular exercise.

  • Fitness Phase – Designed to facilitate overall conditioning to increase physical stamina after treatments are completed.  It aims to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility to increase endurance, elevate the metabolism, improve muscle tone and body composition.  The exercise selection focuses on improving physical functioning to maximise recovery to return to work, and living a full and productive life.  Education on fatigue management, return to work, sport and leisure activities. 

It is suitable after any type of cancer surgery or treatment and accommodates all ages, fitness levels and mobility.

Take the first steps on the road to recovery, visit a PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist near you.

quotes-dark Many women we look after, tell us that during the process of diagnosis and treatment they have a terrible feeling of loss of control. PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Physio's can help women gain a sense of control back. We can help women maximise their own recovery and teach them what they can do to help themselves. One woman recently described her PINC Physio as like having a coach in her corner guiding, supporting and helping her through each week of her chemo. Everyone needs someone in their corner that understands the physical and emotional impact of cancer treatment!

Lou James, Founder

Find out what other women say about the PINC Program

Anne's Testimonial plus

“In February of this year I was diagnosed with head & neck cancer. I had major surgery followed by radiotherapy.   One of the key things that helped me cope with going to radiotherapy was seeing my PINC Physio. It was something active and positive I could do to help myself both physically and emotionally.  The Physiotherapist I worked with was knowledgeable about what my body was going through, and encouraging for me to keep working and stretching- particularly the neck and shoulder area.    I did 10 sessions and it was rewarding to see the improvement in my movement and flexibility. It was great to have one on one sessions, and each time I felt I had taken care of myself and achieved another step. 

I was in a very vulnerable time in my cancer treatment and found it so helpful to have one on one time with my physiotherapist.  I would highly recommend the Pinc Program to anyone who has been through cancer.  It was encouraging, confidence building and built up my strength and flexibility. I am so grateful to those who work to provide the service.” 

Anne, Head & Neck Cancer Survivor

Judith's Testimonial plus

"The Pinc program was one of the most positive experiences I encountered while undergoing cancer treatment.  Under going treatment for breast cancer was gruelling and wiped out all sense of energy and vitality. The Pinc program armed me with the power to regain control of my body. For once, I was able to take control of at least part of my treatment. I was taught the tools of rehabilitation and to use my arm rather than favour it.  Through this process I was able to regain confidence in my body, my posture improved and I became stronger. 

The program gave me direction. I walked away from each session with a sense of achievement and a clear plan of what I needed to achieve before I saw my physiotherapist again. 

Each cancer patient has different needs and I think an individualised program is essential.  One can only come out of this program with a positive attitude, improved knowledge and movement. It's a winning formula! "

Judith Ansell, Breast Cancer 

Emma's Testimonial plus

“I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 35 years old with two young children. I had all of my large bowel removed as well as most of my rectum.  After an extended period in hospital I was also very, very weak.  My daughters were aged three and six and I was determined to look after them.  I could barely walk for more than five minutes though. 

I really wanted to be able to stand upright!  I went to a PINC Physio in Hataitai, Wellington.  Straight away I realised the benefit of a physiotherapist led programme - there were many exercises that I just couldn't do - but Janna was always able to find an alternative.  I got strong enough to stand upright, then go back walking.  

Like a lot of cancer patients my rehab was not straightforward.  I have ongoing problems with dehydration and complications with the medications I need to take daily.  My PINC Physio always asks how I'm doing, and is genuinely interested in the answer.  She can work around the limitations I'm working with that week, even if they sound crazy! 

It seems strange to me that rehabilitation is not part of cancer treatment.  Without the PINC  Program I can't imagine how my recovery would be progressing.  I always feel better when I leave a session.  My physiotherapist is actually the health professional I see most often. For me, it is actually my cancer social support as well.  I'm now well enough to start looking for work and am excited to move on to the next stage of my life.”

Emma Wong-Ming, Bowel Cancer 

Catherine's Testimonial plus

 “I finished my fourth session with Lorna Richardson my PINC Physio today. I cannot thank you guys enough for this introduction to physio/pilates. I was physically active prior to my breast cancer diagnosis last July, and kept walking during treatment. However I felt physically weak, was afraid to exercise my upper body, was slouching and had pain in my shoulders and arms. 

After the first session with Lorna, she gave me exercises which improved my mobility almost immediately! I felt like Lazerous rising from the dead! I am really grateful for the funding, which enabled me to partake in these sessions. 

Thanks for all that you do."

Catherine Murray, Breast Cancer 

The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Foundation New Zealand proudly supports women with any type of cancer needing financial support to attend PINC Program sessions. The Foundation receives support from Breast Cancer Foundation NZ for women with breast cancer, Bowel Cancer NZ for women with colorectal cancer, and Talk Peach for women with gynaecological cancers.  

Click here for more information on the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.     Bowel Cancer NZ    Talk Peach



The PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Programs are available now in 24 countries.  To find a certified PINC & STEEL Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist in your country - see this page or email [email protected]


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